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Our Murrieta heating and air conditioning contractors at Correy Baker Heating & Air are registered with the HERO program, and can use this partnership to install eligible upgrades in your home. Home Energy Renovation Opportunity is the top energy-efficiency financing program in the entire country. HERO makes energy / water efficient, as well as renewable energy products more available and affordable for homeowners by working with local governments.

There are four simple steps to obtaining HERO financing:

  • Apply and learn how much your home is approved for
  • Select what products you want in your home and choose your contractor
  • Sign your finishing documents
  • Allow the contractor to complete the product installation

How does the HERO program work?

If your home qualifies, 100% of the cost to both purchase and install products will be financed by HERO. Repayment for this will occur over the course of 5, 10, 15, or 20 years through your property taxes. This program offers low-fixed interest rates, no application fees, and flexible payment terms, making it easier for you to obtain products and systems that will save you energy and money over the long-term. Transfer of the remaining financing can be done if your property is sold before all payments have been made.

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Financing for Commercial & Industrial Customers

Are you a commercial or industrial property owner looking to upgrade your systems to be more energy-efficient and cost-effective? HERO financing is also available to you! With funding that is managed by the same network of partners as HERO, this program is specifically tailored to the unique needs of commercial clients and their properties.

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